Saturday, September 06, 2008



In doing a Bible Code (search) on Barack Obama things get somewhat complicated as there are two ways to spell his name in Hebrew. Both possible spellings are found in the Bible Code and encoded with OBAMA - ASSASSINATED. The first is for the Hebrew Month of SETEMBER which ends SEPT 29 and the second code/attempt is for TISHRI, the hebrew month of OCTOBER which runs SEPT 29 to OCT 30.

Amazingly in this code, "HARRY PREVENTED" runs thru the name of Barack Obama. My finding, posting this code and making it known to those who protect Obama may well be the reason this code is prevented and Obama could go on to win The Presidency.

In my view, it doesn't matter who is President of the USA in NOV 2008 because ISRAEL is the key to Bible prophecy and ISRAEL set the date for "doomsday", saying they must stop Iran's nuclear weapons program before SEPT 2009 or its too late.

WATCH AND BE READY.... Israel could attack Iran in OCT 08 and any attack by israel on Iran will trigger the Biblical Apocalypse. HOW IS YOUR ESCAPE PLAN? (Lu:21:34-36).

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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