Sunday, August 03, 2008



The Bible Code predicts a terror attack on CHICAGO on 8-8-08, a repeat of 911 where as Terrorists crash a plane into the Sears Tower. The Bible code also predicts a Missile Attack on ISRAEL on 8-9-08 where missiles armed with chlorine as a chemical weapon (poison gas) are used. The Bible Code then predicts on 8-10-08 W.W. III will start with ISRAEL going to war with Syria and nuking Damascus.

Encoded with CHICAGO is "RETALIATION". I believe this code is warning us the following: IF Israel launches a surprise attack on IRAN between AUG 3 and AUG 6, then these two attacks will happen on USA & ISRAEL as "retaliation". It is less likely that these two terror attacks will happen of ISRAEL does not attack Iran.

Pm Olmert is resigning in SEPT 08, President Bush will be replaced in NOV 08 and officially step down in JAN 09. The question is will these two leaders ride off into the sunset and leave the grave threat of IRAN having nuclear weapons for others or will they take ACTION? WIll PM OLMERT, BACKED BY PRES. BUSH, LAUNCH A SURPRISE ATTACK on IRAN's NUCLEAR BASES AT NATANZ?


God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. to the nazi leader of Iran, Ahmadineajad... if you hear a loud whistling sound in the next few days, coming towards your
bedroom, its probably a USA cruise missile. You may as well take your last look out the window that you will ever see of this world and watch your PLAN to destroy ISRAEL explode before your eyes...

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