Monday, June 02, 2008



If you have been following our site@ the complex Philadelphia terror code has played itself out and has a final date for this Bio Attack on Philadelphia:

DATE= 6-6-08
TIME = in the morning
METHOD: sam missile- bio attack- ebola

This code says CIA - BLAMES - IRAN - EVILDOER and that President Bush will launch a massive (counter) attack on Iran. It is possible that the ILLUMINATI is the group who will really be behind this 6-6-08 terror attack.

If you believe in this super-wealthy group of satanists who manipulate and control our world, they seek to remain IN CONTROL of events and make sure the world acepts their new age "messiah" (Antichrist) and Plan thru the United Nations. Yet, Iran having nuclear weapons and threatening to "vaporize" ISRAEL is a major threat to the Illuminati. This is because IRAN will be in control and not themselves.

Iran could launch nukes at ISRAEL and if Israel has a "doomsday launch"... this would cause total nuclear destruction of the Mideast and the oil fields that yield over one hundred bilion dollars a year (profit) in oil sales + America and the western world needs oil to run and function. Also Iran could launch a
nuclear attack against europe where many believe The "Illuminati" and their families live= major threat!

A nuclear Iran could also launch NUCLEAR attacks against the coming world savior (Antichrist) and interrupt the Plan of the Illuminati and their New World Order. The way I see it, The Illuminati has a very small "window" to STOP Iran's nuclear threat and that is between JUNE and SEPT 2008, while GW BUSH is still in power. (neither Obama or Hillary will "annihilate" Iran and a Democrat will win in NOV 08, if there is an election that is).

To show you how REAL the 6-6-08 Bible Code /Bio Attack is, on MAY 28, the FBI issued an alert to US cities of a possible biological attack. Also the USA still has two, aircraft carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf, overlooking and ready to attack IRAN if needed.


If it attack happens ,I believe it will trigger the Apocalypse because HAMAS, rather than give up, will detonate the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem and trigger a "holy war" against Israel and the west. Islamic terror cells, world wide, will UNITE in one cause and launch wave after wave of attacks against America and Western Europe. This will crash the USA stock market and trigger global chaos and war = yet ALL WITHOUT THE THREAT OF A NUCLEAR IRAN...

This war and chaos will trigger The FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES and the coming of Antichrist as the "savior" of planet earth!


God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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