Friday, June 27, 2008



There are some interesting things happening in the news.

1)I believe Barack Hussein Obama will choose HILLARY as his VP as they begin their "unity campaign" together today. Obama doesn't want it to appear he was forced to choose Hillary, all part of the Obama Game of Deception. HILLARY as VP on the democratic ticket would set the stage for the Bible Code warning: OBAMA ASSASSINATED - TISHRI: HILLARY PRESIDENT- WELCOMES AND ACCEPTS THE ANTICHRIST- 2010 AD. (Tishri= Sept 29-Oct 30).

2) North Korea has made two moves in signalling they have ended their nuclear program as they have turned over their nuclear plans to China and detonated a nuclear cooling tower. Why is North Korea backing down? I believe they see the "writing on the wall", that PRESIDENT BUSH WILL ATTACK IRAN AND DESTROY THEIR NUCLEAR PROGRAM and N.Korea does not want to be hit in this massive attack!

In the mind of North Korea, if they end their nuclear program, President Bush will not destroy their nuclear facilities. Then once Pres Bush is gone and with a new, weak and foolish president like barack OBAMA, N. Korea can RESTART their nuclear program while Obama pays a visit to "talk" to them.

*like a western movie, wait until the tough, skilled gunfighter/sheriff retires in NOVEMBER and then attack the town soon after the weak, cowardly "rookie" deputy is made sheriff who believes "talkking and dialogue" will solve all threats and problems, and who has never drawn nor shot his gun.

If the 8-8-08-CHICAGO terror attack happens- The tribulation will start between AUG and SEPT 2008- with the First of Two Rapturtes, for the true and worthy followers of JESUS.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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