Sunday, June 29, 2008



GA, USA... a 17 year old boy, on a Baptist Church outing, was decapitated in a freak accident at an amusement park. I believe this tragedy serves as AN OMEN, a warning for the 40 million + Baptists and Evangelicals to WAKE UP! For if they continue following their false doctrine and prophecy of "once saved, always saved", their OWN BEHEADING IS NEAR.
(REV:3:16, REV:13:18, REV:20:4).

The Book of Revelation warns that millions of Christians will be beheaded by Antichrist when he takes over the world as part of his "KILL ONE, SAVE A THOUSAND" plan. All those who follow the BAPTIST DOCTRINE will find themselves left behind and awaiting their own beheading, if they repent and follow JESUS that is.

JESUS taught we can ESCAPE 666, this coming Holocaust, in the First of Two Raptures., This "escape" is for the Christians who truly follow JESUS and overcome evil (not who follow the lazy, "license to sin" doctrine of the Baptist Pulpits).

BAPTISTS BEWARE... YOUR BEHEADING AWAITS IN THE TRIBULATION LESS YOU REPENT.. and the same goes for all of the "lukewarm" Christians who hide behind "faith-only" Church Dogma.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. if "KILL ONE, SAVE A THOUSAND", sounds familiar, it is the theme of the new movie WANTED with Angelina Joline as well as her own personal belief and code.

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