Sunday, June 08, 2008



In her new summer movie, "WANTED", Angelina Jolie is promoting the Lucifer Doctrine of Human Sacrifice, in KILL ONE, SAVE A 1000."

in the near future, Antichrist will use this satanic doctrine of "KILL SIX MILLION, SAVE SIX BILLION" to trigger a Second Holocaust against Christians. (REV:13).

Angelina is also a Peace Ambassador for the United Nations which has also accepted the Luciferic (666 Doctrine) in 1982. The question is, does Angelina Jolie know what she is promoting in
her new movie? Does she know it is the darkest teaching in Satanism? or is she just a pawn of both Hollywood and The United Nations and global satanists?

Make no mistake, a global war is coming between the followers of Satan and the Followers of GOD and all will have to choose what side they will fight on. LEARN NOW TO ESCAPE THIS COMING HOLOCAUST ON OUR SITE @

Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia-Internet

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