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When I first posted the bible code about the MAY 2008- PHILADELPHIA- EBOLA ATTACK, I had found two (actual) dates in this code: EVE OF EYER = MAY 5 and Mother's Day = MAY 11. I assumed these were two possibilities of dates for this attack. Now when we look back in retrospect, I learned something important about the bible code. MAY 5 was not a possible date for the attack, but a day encoded with DEFIANCE.

Amazingly on MAY 5, Iran issued a statement of DEFIANCE to the USA and the world saying, "No threat will deter our nuclear program." This "defiance" actually sets the stage for this attack to happen and Iran also issued a threat to USA saying, "The destruction of America is imminent."

So now it does seem the date of this attack is MAY 11 2oo8= MOTHER'S DAY and this code does say "THE DAY OF MOTHER".
(May 16 = 11 EYER is another possibility as the number "11" plays a major ascept of this code: see code page below).

When we view this Philadelphia Bible Code in a vaccuum, just as am isolated code, it is a possible attack. When we view this code in light of world events surrounding Iran, the threat of their nuclear program and the fact that there are two USA air craft carrier/ battle groups in the Gulf , pointed at IRAN, the potential for this attack and the USA massive counter attack seems very real, even probable.

Remember too... this attack could come as a missile attack? or start as an invisible contamination or "plague: (10 times in this code). Then a missile could be launched to drive infected people from Philadelphia and across America as potential "carriers" of Ebola. This may be what Iran meant in their recent threat, "THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA IS IMMINENT?

All we can do is be prepared and WATCH AND BE READY as ths code has the real potential to trigger the Biblical Apocalypse this month, The rapture of the worthy and the coming of Antichrist with his plan for world peace.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. the witches in Berkley California are protesting the USA Marine recruiters and casting spells against them. I am sure when Antichrist comes, these witches, along with many Christian televangelists and rock stars will rush out and greet them. Maybe Hillary will fly out on her broomstick to greet him, followed by OBAMA dressed as "harry potter" and McCain and his wizard and mentor... time will tell...

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