Saturday, May 10, 2008



bible code update: it is very possible that the EBOLA ATTACK on Philadelphia has already started. Terrorists could have released Ebola as a silent and invisible plague. This bible code says "plague" 10 x with the word "silent' twice.

I have said since AUG 2005 that terrorists may release EBOLA as an invisible plague. For all we know MAY 11 or MAY 16 (11 of Eyer) is when people in Philadelphia start to show up sick at Hospitals and an "ebola outbreak" is declared = bio attack. I have found "missile " in this code and its possible that terrorists have released Ebola and on MAY 11 or MAY 16 they will launch a missile at Philadelphia to trigger mass panic and evacuations= using people as human "carriers" to spread Ebola across America. This falls inline with IRAN's recent threat, "THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES IS IMMINENT".

MAY 9,08. Ontario Canada: A passenger train was stopped and two cars were quarantined because people were striken by a mystery illness with "flu-like symptoms. Soldiers wearing level 5 bio-suits took at least seven people from the train to a hospital under heavy police escort with military helicopters. One person has already died from this illness. Ebola???

once again, it is possible the Ebola Attack on Philadelphia (bible code) has already happened. Terrorists could have released Ebola in Philadelphia and infected themselves. Then they became sick on the train thru Canada as their "escape route".

As this bible code deals with a bio attack with an invisible weapon... lets withhold judgment and watch what plays out..more so.. WATCH AND BE READY... for The Lord is coming soon for his true followers= the Church of Philadelphia= His Worrthy Remnant. (Lu:21:34-36 = Rev:3:10).

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. ironically, today is "National Train Day".... peace..

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