Saturday, February 09, 2008



When we turn on the news, we are bombarded with three names, McCain, Obama and Hillary (Clinton) as they are the three major players in the NOV 2008 Presidential Election. Amazingly, these three persons and their fates are encoded in the Bible Code.

Recently I did a Bible Code search on JOHN McCAIN and here is what I found (so far): JOHN McCAIN- NOT PRESIDENT- HEART PROBLEMS- AFFLICTION-

It seems the Bible Code says that McCain will be the republican candidate who loses to Hillary Clinton. McCain may develop a heart condition? If he is rushed to the Hospital for any heart problem (from chest pains to a palpitation) as his age of 72, this would sink his election campaign like a Led Zepplin.

The Bible Code seems to present two paths for 2008 (all based upon free will). 1) THE MAY 2008 Attack on Philadelphia will happen. Iran will be blamed and President Bush will launch a massive attack against Iran that triggers W.W. III and the Start of the Tribulation between JUNE and SEPT 2008.

Code Path 2: The MAY 2008 Attack will be averted. Obama will either fall apart or surge and be Assassinated to pave the way for Hillary Clinton to become President (defeating John McCain). Hillary's Pro U.N./ Anti-Israel agenda will trigger the Apocalypse between 2010 - 2012 AD... as Israel will have to attack Iran and stop their nuclear weapons program.

WATCH AND BE READY.... (Matt:24:44)

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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