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Many people claim the Bible Code is false. They claim that thousand + codes speaking of historic people and events are simply "random occurances" or accidents, even though the odds against this belief are about 100 million to one against it.

A few years ago a researcher set out to disprove the Bible Code. Using a special computer program, he claimed to have found four (simple) skip codes in "MOBY DICK" such as "DIANA MURDERED". How does four simple codes in a 650+ page book compare with thousands of highly detailed codes in the Five Books of Moses, the Torah, which is only 299 pages? It doesn't but those who want to believe the Bible Code is false will grasp at any straw they can find and "Moby Dick" is their straw.

I have found a new way to prove the Bible Code is real and encoded by a super-intelligence that knows the future (GOD) and this is thru Sequencial Encoding. Basically I have discovered a historic date (for the nation of israel) encoded in sequence over 400 times in the Bible Code. I am not a mathematician, but I would guess the odds that this encoded date sequence is just a "random occurance" is over a billion to one.

here is my new page

This new evidence shows how truly real the Threat is of the MAY 2008 Terror Attack is as found in the Bible Code, which I hope we can prevent thru mass awareness.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Well now I have provided amazing new proof that The Bible Code was encoded by GOD and not anything ramdom or accidental.

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