Sunday, December 23, 2007



Bible Scholars and catholics world wide are puzzled by the vatican's change of the nativity scene this year. Rome has actually removed the manger and the baby JESUS and replaced this with an adult Jesus standing with Mary and Joseph. Why as the vatican done this? I believe as a sign, a sign that they have joined the satanic movement to bring forth Antichrist as the world savior and teacher.

According to this coming satanic religion (MYSTERY BABYLON), the Antichrist (satan's false Christ and named "maitreya") is the "Christ" or
anointed one of God and JESUS is reduced to a mere man and prophet with no miraculous virgin birth. So the vatican's removal of the baby Jesus and the manager (virgin birth) and showing him as an adult exactly follows this coming religion of satan via art.

I fully believe The Vatican is ready too accept Antichrist (666) as the world teacher and savior, Baptists and other "Christian" denominations are busy lying to their Children about Santa (a form of child abuse) and the question is this, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT SANTA THIS YEAR?


Part of being a Christian (believer) who is worthy of heaven and the First Rapture is denouncing the santa lie and telling children the truth. If you won't DENOUNCE THE SANTA LIE, then ask yourself why? The answer is fear, that fear is your true Lord and not JESUS.

Today is DEC 23... there are still two days left to denounce the satanic Lie of SANTA and tell children the truth, that santa is not real and Christmas is all about JESUS and his miraculous birth.

Pastor Harry/CH of Philadelphia-Internet

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