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As I have said many times, the source of Nostradamus' visions was satan, posing as an "angel of light.".. with that said, we can learn much about HOW MUCH TIME IS LEFT via Nostradamus.

One of the main themes of Nostradamus predictions is the coming of MABUS, who Nost' calls the "third antichrist". (he calles napolean and hitler antichrist 1 & 2). Then Nost' says a great savior or teacher will come who we should follow (WHO IS THE BIBLICAL ANTICHRIST AND THE BEAST OF REV:13). So thru Nostradamus, satan is setting the world up to accept his son(Antichrist) as savior of the world.

As the devil will not make his own prophecy false... MABUS WILL COME AND TRIGGER W.W.III and then satan will send his son to bring "world peace" .

On my new page, I suggest that MABUS could be an anagram for two persons who will trigger W.W.III, President BUSh and MAmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.


If this is what Nostradamus meant? then in MAY-JUNE of 2008 President Bush will launch a massive, military atack on IRAN (in response to a terror attack on USA). This will trigger W.W.III.

If President Bush is not half of MABUS, then Hillary Clinton will probably win the NOV 2008 election. She will withdraw USA troops from IRAQ, leading to a terrible civil war and the emergence of MABUS, a radical Muslim Fundamentalist, who will trigger W.W.III. He may launch a missile at ISRAEL and a nuclear weapon against NYC, USA.

what is clear is MABUS will come and there is a 99 percent chance before or in 2012 AD. This means the FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES is very near, even at the door of heaven.

here is a link to look deeper into THE MABUS Enigma


God Bless and remember, JESUS is coming for his true
followers in The First of Two Raptures.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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