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you know that we compare and contrast the predictions of Nostradamus with Bible Prophecy. Many Christians criticize/condemn me for doing this. It is true that satan is the source of Nostradamus visions. Yet by studying these predictions, we have a unique insight into what satan knows about how much time is left??? (see: Rev:12:12).

One of the greatest mysteries of Nostradamus is about a person he calls MABUS who will use a nuclear weapon and trigger W.W.III. On our site I present a new page and possibility that President Bush is part of MABUS and he will attack Iran in May 2008- triggering W.W.III and the start of The Tribulation. What makes this more possible is 1) there is a Bible Code that says exactlty this and 2, Nostradamus said "a comet will pass earth" when MABUS launches W.W.III and a Comet will near pass earth next year, on MAY 04 2008.

here is my new page on Nostradanmus & MABUS

If President Bush is really part of MABUS, we have about seven months left before W.W. III, leading to the First of Two Raptures and the coming of Antichrist = Start of The Tribulation. This is still enough time to get serious with God and have a walk that is "worthy" of heaven and a rapture escape.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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