Monday, August 06, 2007



The Internet is truly a two edged sword. Thru our site you can learn the Truth of The Rapture = The PROPHECY OF THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA AND TWO RAPTURES. Sadly you can also read 100,000+ sites that teach a false view of the rapture (be it pre-mid-post).

Many sites also steal the revelation of Two Raptures on our site and write of it as their own "revelation" from God. Then, in their pride, they further distort and pervert the truth of Two Raptures . Some even promote the concept of a "Fake Rapture"- satan's newest lie to create chaos and confusion.

On this new page I show the three most asked questions about The Rapture and PROVE that TWO RAPTURES is true. Those who truly follow Jesus will ESCAPE the tribulation in the first rapture event. In Revelation this faithful remnant is called the Church of Philadelphia and the "secret" to understanding their ESCAPE is found in the reward that JESUS gives them= an "open door" into heaven. (Rev:3:8-10).

Don't let the liars of prophecy deceive you- WE CAN ESCAPE 666, The Tribulation, in the First of Two Rapture Events. Remember, The Tribulation is the Judgment of God and we can ESCAPE judgment by "Keeping God's Word", in purity and practice. (Rev:3:10).

God Bless and be worthy
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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