Friday, August 10, 2007



I want to share my personal view with you as to how much time is left? If The LORD allows Free will to run its course, we are looking at a "prophetic window" between 2010- 2012 for the First Rapture (of Two) to happen and the Tribulation to start.

Here is why I say this:

NOV: 2008 The Democrats will come to power in the USA with a 99.999 percent chance of HILLARY Clinton as President. This will cause Israel to attack Iran's nuclear program as Israel knows all too well that Hillary and her democrats follow an Anti-Israel Agenda. The Israeli attack against IRAN will trigger global terrorism and chaos = leading to the First of TWO RAPTURES and Antichrist (Maitreya) coming as the savior of all religions, faiths and creeds.

Israel has stated they have until 2010 AD to STOP Iran's plans to build a nuclear missile and vaporize Israel. This is not an idle threat as Iran has been arming H3ezbollah and Hamas with missiles, rockets and explosives, such as Hezbollah used to attack Israel last AUG 2006.

If Iran's nuclear program is devasted by a major earthquake, this could push the doomsday clock ahead to 2011-2012 AD.


If we put together the Pro-Gay Agenda of Obama, Edwards and Hillary as the FULL PLAN of the Democrats, we come up with this America for 2009 AD.

(OBAMA) "Proposes an openly gay and lesbian Military that will totally demoralize our military on all levels.

(EDWARDS) We must teach Children in grade school that Homosexuality is good and accetable, just as heterosexuality.

(HILLARY) "I will strengthen hate crime laws against gays". These laws will extend to the Churches as a tool to shut them down. Any preaching that Homosexuality is a sin will be BANNED as this could cause "violence against gays" . Pastors who teach Homosexuality is against God will be arrested and their Churches closed down. Next it will be a "hate crime" to say Drunkenness is a sin" etc etc... until the only thing a Church can preach is "GOD IS LOVE" and LUCIFER IS THE TRUE SAVIOR OF MANKIND.

All Three, Edwards, Obama and Hillary also promote a Federal Law that makes SAME SEX MARRIAGE the Law of the Land, packaged as "extended civil union".

The Democratic Vision of AMERICA 2009 AD is the same as Sodom and Gommorroah. America is also a land filled with VIOLENCE as JESUS warned would be in the end times, "ass in the days of Noah so shall it be at the time of the end".

WATCH AND BE READY for the doomsday clock is Ticking and the FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES CLOSER WITH EACH DAY.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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