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When we read The Gospel, JESUS taught that his true followers, those whose walk with God is "accounted worthy" will ESCAPE the coming tribulation. (Lu:21:34-36).

In Revelation 3, JESUS promised his faithful remnant (Church of Philadelphia) that He will KEEP them from the "time of testing" = the Tribulation. (Rev:3:10). JESUS also told them "how" He will keep them safe, thru their reward of an OPEN DOOR. (Rev:3:8).

The OPEN DOOR is a reward because our safety rests in going thru this open door into heaven. In Rev:3:7, JESUS speaks of this "doorway" to heaven, to his Spiritual realm.

Then in Rev:4:1. . . John is given an open door and instantly he is "caught-up" thru this door (portal) and is standing before The Throne of God in heaven.



There are those who are deceived and deceiving others who claim "God will keep the Church of Philadelphia" safe on earth, by a kind of divine protection. The problem with this falsehood is this:

1) We do not see God miraculously keeping believers safe from Antichrist and his world police force. We do not see this on an individual basis (as the faithful few are scattered all around the world). Nor do we see an "Exodus" where as God guides the CH of PHL- (true followers) to one or two geographic locations and sends angels to protect them.

2) One again, The reward given to the faithful Church of Philadelphia is an OPEN DOOR (OF ESCAPE) not angels to come and fight for them against Satan's Stormstroopers.

When we read The Bible and Revelation, we must read what is there not what we imagine or believe in our minds. We must also read "LINE BY LINE and PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT". . . letting each verse build upon the next.

When we correctly read Revelation, we see that JESUS' faithful remnant, his true followers will ESCAPE the coming tribulation, thru their OPEN DOOR into heaven, In the First of TWO RAPTURES or 'evacuations from earth."

If you truly want to know the truth of TWO RAPTURES and the Church of Philadelphia, I suggest you purchase a copy of my 1986 banned book, THE ANSWER- TWO RAPTURES. Take a week, pray and study this book and let GOD show you the GREAT RAPTURE ESCAPE -He has planned for those who love and follow Him in this dark time.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s the proceeds from my banned book goes to help support our site.

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