Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Harry Potter hits once again this summer with another movie and the final book in the series. Many claim that HARRY POTTER is good for children, promoting positive values such as the battle between good and evil. If you believe this, here are some points to ponder.

Point # 1) When Antichrist is revealed, he will use this theme of the "cosmic battle" between "good and evil" for the glory of satan. Antichrist, as the new messiah and world teacher, simply fill in the blanks.

Antichrist will teach that Satan is the true god of planet earth and the Lord of magic and those who oppose him are the "evil ones, those of the "dark side" of the Force, those who follow the evil, wicked God of The Bible.

Thus Christians (those who believe JESUS is CHRIST) will be the enemy and slaughtered in this cosmic battle against those who reject satan and magic. (Rev:13:-6-7).

point # 2) HARRY POTTER promotes witchcraft, magic and spells as good while The Bible says these are evil practices because they are "gateways" into Satan's realm.

point # 3 HARRY POTTER has a mark upon his forehead that is the source of his magic power. This shows a generation of children that the coming MARK OF THE BEAST is good and holy as well. (Rev:13:16).

point # 4 Finally the "mark" of magical power upon HARRY POTTER'S forehead is a lightening bolt. Is it a coincidence that the Lightening bolt (or double bolt) is an occult symbol for Lucifer and Hitler's SS (who were satan worshipers).

HARRY POTTER is preparing this generation of Children to accept Antichrist (when he comes) as the World teacher and Master of Magic and to join his battle against the evil ones=Christians.

Still think HARRY POTTER is harmless fantasty and good for children? Well you won't think so when Antichrist is soon to be revealed.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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