Saturday, June 23, 2007



On my new page I show my view on Homosexuality. The standard Baptist/Evangelical view of Homosexuality is that it is a choice and a choice alone. They base this upon a passage in the Book of Romans, written by the apostle Paul. (I do not agree with this).

Rom: 1 is speaking of a future world that will embrace Antichrist as the new messiah and his new "spirituality" that will teach that "humanity is bi-sexual". At this (future) time, people will choose to experiment with and engage in Homosexual and Lesbian behavior but Rom: 1 is not a scientific paper on the cause of Homosexuality.

Although for some, Homosexuality may be a choice... But I believe that the vast majority of gay people are born that way, exactly as they claim to be. I do not believe this is by God's design but by abnormalities that occur in the fetal development of infants. You can read more on this on my new page:


"Watch and be ready"... for The Lord is coming soon for his Faithful Remnant, in the First of Two Raptures (Rev:3:10).

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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