Friday, May 25, 2007



On June 12 2007 is the 40th Anniversary of Israel retaking their holy city of Jerusalem, to the rage and protest of the Muslim world. In light of the current threats vs Israel (from Iran) and the non stop Hamas rocket attacks (launched from Gaza into Israel). . . .

we must wonder if Iran and its terrorist puppets (hamas & hezbollah) will launch a full scale (missile, rocket and suicide bomber) attack against Israel on JUNE 12 2007???

If Israel is attacked on JUNE 12 2007, expect a devasting response from the Israeli Military which will cause Iran to attack Israel and the USA battle fleet to launch a FULL SCALE ATTACK against Iran, taking out their nuclear weapaons program! World events will spin out of control= leading to the First of Two Raptures and the START of The Tribulation.

Once the true followers of JESUS (not of Churches lies and error) are raptured into heaven (Rev:3:10), Antichrist will be revealed (Rev:6:2) with his plan for world peace via a One World Government, a satanic theocracy= 666.


JESUS warned us to "Watch and Be Ready"... and to be doing God's Will, on "earth as it is in heaven"... for all we know,
JUNE 12 2007 = DOOMSDAY!!!

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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