Tuesday, May 15, 2007



Today Rev. Jerry Falwell, one of the most vocal leaders of the Baptist Bible Cult passed away. Falwell was strong on promoting Biblical Morality and greatly in error in promoting Biblical Truth. Jerry Falwell was a "champion" of the twisted Baptist View on Salvation, The "Once Saved Always Saved" , SATAN'S LIE that has corrupted the Body of Christ.

Some of Jerry Falwell's achievements are 1) promoting the Lie of
Guaranteed Rapture for all believers, 2) claiming that "all jews go to Hell" 3) further demonizing Jews by claiming "the Antichrist will come as a "jew", 4) Joining with Pat Robertson in wrongly blaming gays for 911 and of course playing a role in banning my 1986 book, THE ANSWER-TWO RAPTURES.


The question remains, "What is the fate of Jerry Falwell? Its clear he won't play a role in the coming Great Tribulation.... JESUS taught us, "judge not lest you be judged and condemn not lest you be condemned."


The question remains: "Why didnt God allow Jerry Falwell to
live long enough to be cast into the Tribulation with his
40 million+ other Baptists & Evanjellycals? I always hoped that during the Tribulation Falwell would repent and follow JESUS for real, as the true Christian leader that he never was...

Maybe God allowed him to pass away because Falwell would have followed the Antichrist (666) and led many a Baptist to do the same. or maybe Jerry's hardened heart against God simply could not take any more abuse and just gave out?

In any case.. I will leave the "judging" to GOD and focus on repairing the damage done by Rev Fallwell and His Baptist Cult.


God Bless and Be Worthy,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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