Monday, May 21, 2007



It is possible that the First of Two Raptures and the start of The Tribulation could happen in JUNE 2007. If so, this would coincide with JUNE 12th and the 40th Anniversary of Israel retaking Jerusalem.

How could this happen? very simple. HEZBOLLAH ATTACKS ISRAEL- AS THEY DID IN AUG 2006!

Today (5/21/07) heavy fighting has broken out between Syrian backed Terrorists in Tripoli (Lebanon) vs the USA backed LebanonArmy. At the same time, Iran has ordered HAMAS to launch rocket attacks and vowed by suicide bombers against Israel. Starting 4 days ago, Israel responded with Air strikes into GAZA killing at least 12 hamas terrorist leaders.

For the last nine months, Iran and Syria have been re-arming Hezbollah Terrorists (in Lebanon) with missiles and rocket launchers (in violation of U.N. cease fire as expected). If Hezbollah has been suffciently rearmed, they will launch missile attacks into Israel starting in JUNE 07. ISRAEL will respond back with a show of massive force that could trigger wide scale war against Israel and USA soldiers in IRAQ. During this explosion of violence, the DOME OF ROCK MOSQUE (Jerusalem) could be blown up!

If the dome mosque is blown, this will trigger "JIHAD" = Holy War against Israel, the crash of the USA stock market leading to global chaos. At this point GOD would take control of the situation with The FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES for the true followers of JESUS. Then Antichrist would be revealed as the new "savior" of the world (as "maitreya: = world teaccher) and the tribulation would soon follow.

If Hezbollah attacks Israel in JUNE 2007.... this could trigger the Biblical Apocalypse... the clock is ticking...

WATCH AND BE READY.... make sure your walk with God is worthy, doing what God leads you to do be it HUNE 2007 or MAY 2010... and do not rebel against the Holy Spirit as did Rev. Jerry Falwell, John Haggee and his baptists cult leaders.



God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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