Friday, March 02, 2007



Last nite at least 31 tornados tore thru ALA and GA, leaving 20 people dead and countless homes in total destruction. A Bus Driver drove over a turnpike ramp and crashed to the highway below, killing at least six students and injuring 19. Some blame GOD for all of this but this is not reality. God did not send these killer tornados or made the bus driver fall asleep. God simply did not intervene to stop this destruction and the question is "why"???


As you read this, pastors thruout ALA, GA and the Bible Belt are preparing their sunday sermons on "test of faith". They view ALL of this destruction, a demolished high school, 8 dead students, counties turned into war zones, 20 dead as a simple "test of faith". BUT IS IT?

If you are following JESUS for real and tribulation comes, yes this is a test of faith. But if you are doing evil and destruction comes, this is not a "test of faith". . . but God's Judgment as a WAKE UP CALL- REPENT.

In the case of the Baptist, Pentecostal and Evangelical churches thruout the Bible Belt, they are doing wrong! They have corrupted The Gospel with their sweet and easy, money making $$$$ lies (such as "Once Saved Always Saved") while attacking and condemning anyone who speaks the truth about their evil done in "Jesus name".

Today, The Bible Belt can cry "test of faith" as their churches, children and homes are taken away by tornades and floods. . . but one day soon, this excuse will be done away with- when the First Rapture happens- for the worthy believers-- and the Bible Belt believers find themselves-- LEFT BEHIND.


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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