Sunday, February 11, 2007



More and more people are writing to me as they read our site and discover "THE PROPHECY OF THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA AND TWO RAPTURES. On our site and in my 1986 banned book, THE ANSWER, I prove the Bible teaches Two Raptures (not one) and we can ESCAPE 666 in the First Rapture event that happens before the Tribulation starts.

Many people thave a problem with this new theology because they think TWO RAPTURES means we can escape all tribulation and persecution for The Faith. THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE IS TRUE.

All who follow JESUS (today) in His Spirit and Truth will face persecution, ridicule and tribulation for their faith. This is an unescapable fact. (Jn:16:33). What TWO RAPTURES shows is we can escape the coming Great Tribulation.

We are told that "judgment starts with the household of God",
with the Churches. (1 pet:4:17).

The Great Tribulation is a time of Judgment, for the Churches (first) and the world (second) who will follow Antichrist and
participate in 666- Luciferic Initiation.

To be "left behind" in The First Rapture is judgment, that your walk with God was lukewarm and unworthy. To be "taken" in the First Rapture is a reward for following JESUS and enduring daily tribulation & temptation.

Tribulation today or The Great Tribulation tomorrow. . .
the choice is all ours. (Lu:21:34-36).

God Bless and Choice Worthyness,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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