Saturday, February 17, 2007



It is clear the Democratic Congess is moving towards cutting all funds for the Iraq War in May 2007. what will happen if they do this?

1) American forces will be placed in great danger as they are forced to leave Iraq in a multi-staged event. Terrorists and Insurrents will launch deadly attacks against USA soldiers who are clustered together to exist Iraq.

2) Shiite Militia groups (armed and sponsored by Iran) will launch a bloody civil war, one of the worst slaughters in modern history against the Sunni minority and the new Iraqi government.

3) Iran will gain control in Iraq as the violence and chaos explodes across baghdad. In short time, Iraq will become an Iranian Satellite and Iraq oil will then be used to sponsor global terrorism, PUSHING THE WORLD TOWARDS THE APOCALYPSE!

4) of course the Democrats will Blame President Bush for this failure yet it would be their May 07 vote to CUT the funding that triggered total CHAOS in Iraq.

The Bible Code also speaks of a terror attack, using EBOLA, against the city of Philadelphia, USA. The code also says this attack will cause President Bush to launch a cataclysmic attack against Iran.

What is clear is we are in The END TIMES, ther world is being pushed to total chaos and this means the First of Two Raptures is near, the Biblical escape from The coming Tribulation.

God Bless,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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