Wednesday, December 13, 2006



During this weekend's Holocaust Denial Conference, Iran's Psychotic Leader (ArMADijad) stated that, "Israel's days are numbered". I say psychotic (deranged) because in one breath he says the Holocaust never happened and in the next breathe threatens to launch his own nuclear Holocaust of Israel.

According to The Bible, it is the days of Iran's Neo nazi regime and leader are numbered! GOD WILL NOT ALLOW IRAN TO DESTROY ISRAEL. Either by a major earthquake (remote possibility) or by a USA led major air strike (most probable) Iran's nuclear program and military will be destroyed. Yet this devastating Military Action will trigger Global "Jihad" and the START of The Biblical Tribulation.

It is very possible the tribulation will start around JUNE 12 2007, the 40th year Anniversary of Israel retaking Jerusalem. If this is what JESUS meant about the final "generation" in Matt:24:32, then we will see the FIRST RAPTURE and coming of ANTICHRIST before June 12 2007.


MERRY LAST CHRISTMAS? very possible.


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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