Monday, October 02, 2006



Our radio show has been cancelled (for the time being) due to
extreme lack of donations (support). The success or failure of a radio show has nothing to do with Truth but rather what the people want to hear and support. Actually, when you preach the Truth of The Gospel in our world today (END TIMES) most who profess Christianity will hate the truth and despise you, as they send their $$$ to support the False Ministries.

99 percent of the time, Ministries are supported by the people and their donations which all comes down to Free Will.

Ever hear the old saying,
"You can take a lion out of the jungle,
but you can't take the jungle out of
the lion."

Well the same principle applies to the listeners of Doomsday Talk Radio. Most if not all of our listeners left the false and twisted Churches (Catholic & Protestant) but it seems the Lies of These Churches never left their hearts. Only a belief in "Once Saved, Always Saved, (OSAS) would
cause listeners to sit back, send no donation and watch DoomsDay Talk
Radio crash and burn. These same listeners no doubt believe the rest of
the twisted Baptist Theology that at any second, JESUS will rapture them up into heaven and reward them for their greed and laziness and evil.

We have a plan to restart and rebuild DoomsDay talk radio into The LITE it should be and I believe God wants it to be. Click here for details.

Pastor Harry and Carla Day

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