Friday, August 11, 2006



I updated my page on AUG 22 2006 and the Bible Code. In my 8 years of Bible Code research I have never found nor saw a more COMPLETE & DATED code than this. The AUG 22 2006 Code is a warning (TO ISRAEL) and this code will either be averted or happen.

The Israeli ground invasion was put on hold 18 hours after I posted this code on the Interet (coincidence)? It is a known fact the Israeli Military uses the Bible Code. and Code researchers study Bible codesites for insights and I know our site is on the "must see" list.

The Bible Code is not a crystal ball that shows visions. You can't find anything in The Bible Code unless you now what to look for.

I am sure the Israeli Military is aware of the AUG 22 06 BIBLE CODE. (Whether they will heed This Bible Code Warning is another story andf probably "His-story".

I hope and pray that UN cease fire happens in the next 1o days. We also know very soon..W.W.III will explode and the Tribulation will start. I just hope the AUG 22 06 code was placed there to at least AVERT this great slaughter prepared by Iran & Hezbollah.

God Bless and be worthy †
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

I believe this Revelation of The Antichrist (on 6.6.06) is OUR FINALWARNING. It is very possible the War in Israel will escalate into W.W.3 and the start The Tribulation by Sept 23 2006 (5767).The Good News = JESUS is coming for His Faithful Followers, in TheFirst of Two Raptures (Rev:3:10, Lu:21:36) and then Antichrist willdeclare himself on the world scene.. "Watch and Be Ready."

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