Saturday, June 17, 2006



When I look back over the last two weeks, I realized that God led me to wait and reveal the Name of Antichrist and 666 until 6.6.06 because

1) this would receive maximum coverage and

2)because all hell is about to break loose on planet earth.

About my new book published on 6.6.06,
by Harry Walther,

Included in this book is The "Lost Book of Cain" , my fictional work, a book within a book.(This book was totally UNKNOWN until 6.6.06.) I admit this writing does "seem" or appear to be ancient. So I called it the "lost book of cain". (going way way back in time).

I wrote this as fiction so I could speculate upon 1) Cain as the offspring of Satan and Eve and 2 ) that Cain lived (his soul) many times thruout History and may return as Antichrist himself.

Each chapter shows another "incarnation". I am not promoting or teaching Reincarnation (for humanity) but it is possible the Soul of Cain belongs to satan = THE SON OF PERDITION and that Cain is truly the devil's , his "only begotten son"...(book available @ the link below )

I don't know where this "Lost Book of Cain" came from and yes it is very dark. (but it does seem to give us an insight into the mind and thinkingof Antichrist.) Writing is a mystery, how our mind and our subconcious picks up things and puts them together, so this may be the sum total of my 24+ years of study and research into many things, thousands of emails etc etc...

It is also possible that the "Lost Book of Cain" really exists as a diary of Cain and is held as "sacred" by many satanic groups. (I have no way or verifying this theory). If true, God could have sent an angel to reveal
this ancient writing to me to show the GREAT EVIL that shall come upon the world and very soon.

God Bless,
Pastor Harry, CH of PHL-INT

I believe this Revelation of The Antichrist (on 6.6.06) is THE FINAL WARNING. The Lord is coming for His Faithful Followers, in The First ofTwo Raptures (Rev:3:10, Lu:21:36) and then Antichrist will declare himself on the world scene..

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