Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Israel has launched a major military offensive into The GAZA in an attempt to free an Israeli Soldier who was wounded and taken hostage in an Attack by Hamas terrorists. Israeli Forces blew up three bridges, a factory used to build rockets and a power plant as they seaarch for the Israeli Soldier and take out Hamas fighters. SINCE HAMAS IS NOW THE GOVERNMENT OF GAZA & WEST BANK, THEIR ATTACK INTO ISRAEL LAST WEEK WAS AN ACT OF WAR.

It is possible this Israeli Military Offensive will escalate into full scale war with Hamas and terror nations such as Syria may join in this War against Israel. ALL OF THIS COULD LEAD TO HAMAS BLOWING UP THE DOME OF THE ROCK MOSQUE IN JERUSALEM- LEADING TO A MOSLEM HOLY WAR AGAINST
ISRAEL = W.W. III against Jerusalem. (Zech:12:1).

When The Dome of The Rock Mosque is detonated,

THIS WILL TRIGGER THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES-- FOLLOWED BY THE COMING OF ANTICHRIST AS THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. (click this link to learn more about The "Prophecy of The Church of Philadelphia and Two Raptures.

"WATCH AND BE READY" for The Lord is coming very soon for His Faithful Remnant, The Church of Philadelphia Believers who "KEEP HIS WORD." (Rev:3:10 = Lu:21:34-36).

THE BIBLE CODE SHOWS 2006 (5766 hebrew) encoded with
the "YEAR OF THE BEAST". . . and if this conflict in Israeli escalates, we may see The start of the Tribulation and the coming of Antichrist this very year, sometime between AUG & SEPT 2006.

God Bless in these end times,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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