Tuesday, June 13, 2006



Many Christians are having a problem in seeing Maitreya as the Biblical Antichrist as they have been "programmed" (and misled) by 33 years of THE OMEN movies and the twisted Theology of HalLindsay, Haggee and La haye (Left behind Books) to look for Antichristas a "charismatic politcian from europe".

There is not any EU politician who can bring PEACE to the mideast orallow the jews to rebuild their temple.

Only a PERSON who is viewed by both Jews and Moslems as "Messiah" can accomplish this task and this is what this world teacher (maitreya) will be and do.

A major part of God's End Time Plan is to save Israel and set up thetrue kingdom of God from Jerusalem. This is why The NAME of The Beast(maitreya) calculates to 666 in HEBREW= as a warning to Israel. This iswhy his name is in the Bible code= as a second warning to Israel.

Initially Antichrist (666) comes as Messiah and the Spiritual Guide for humanity. Later he will take over The EU (as a 10 nation confederacy) and force his religion (666) upon the world.

God Bless and be Worthy †
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


I believe this Revelation of The Antichrist (on 6.6.06) is THE FINAL WARNING. The Lord is coming for His Faithful Followers, in The First ofTwo Raptures (Rev:3:10, Lu:21:36) and then Antichrist will declarehimself on the world scene.. "Watch and Be Ready."

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