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6.6.06 ANTICHRIST REVEALED by Pastor Harry.

As I stated back in March 2006,... on 6.6.06, either Antichrist will be here or I will reveal his true name and Identity which I have done through the wisdom and understanding that God gave to me.

I am not the first person to disclose or reveal the name of The Fifth Buddha. (MAITREYA). This is an ancient names that goes back thousands of years. What I have done is BREAK the Alpha-Numerical Code in Rev:13:18 and prove this person is theAntichrist as"God gave me the wisdom and understanding to calculate thenumber of The Beast". (Rev:13:18).

Please fwd this page to all whom you know as I believe this Revelation is our Final Warning! I believe that ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE and GOD is giving all "who are open to hear" A DELAY or RESPITE so we can get our "act" together and have a worthy walk with God, so we can ESCAPE 666 , in the First of Two Raptures.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


Pastor Harry/CH of PHl-INTwww.satansrapture.comJoin our discussion on Bible Prophecy, The Rapture and ANTICHRISTREVEALED (JUNE 6 2006, 6.6.6. ) @ DOOMSDAY TALK RADIO, (live) Sundaythru Friday nites @ 11 PM to 12 AM EST. We are living in The End Times and The Lord is coming for His FaithfulRemnant (Rev:3:10) His True Followers (Jn:10:27) in The FIRST of TWORAPTURES (Matt:24:40). This is our true Hope and Light in the growingdarkness (Lu:21:36).... peace....

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