Friday, April 07, 2006



There is the real possibility that Antichrist will be revealed on JUNE 6 2006. The good that The Churches do (Catholic & Protestant) is outweighed and overshadowed by the evil they do, from The Lies and false promises taught from their pulpits, to their hypocrisy and hatred, hidden behind JESUS name. It would not surprise me at all if within in the next 60 days, GOD SAID ,"NO MORE" and The FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES HAPPENS and Antichrist is revealed on JUNE 6 2006, 6.6.6.

We are warned in Scripture that "Judgments begins with the House -hold of God, with his Churches". (1 Pet:4:17).

As far as my scheduled announcement for JUNE 6 2006 as to the true identity and name of Antichrist, maybe this day will not come (for me) as on JUNE 6 2006 Antichrist may be here and reveal himself, and the whole world shall behold his face?

If JUNE 6 2006 comes without World War III exploding in the mideast and without The RAPTURE of The Worthy, then and only then will I know what to do. So until that day, EVEN UNDER THE THREAT OF DONATION TO OUR RADIO SHOW, I will keep this revelation to myself, of which God revealed to me 22 years ago.

God Bless you and please bear with me. I am sailing in unchartered waters, in a sense, going where no man has gone before and I am not sure what to do. JUNE 6 2006, I will know, one way or the other. peace

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT



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