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Will a terror attack against Philadelphia trigger a nuclear response? by Pastor Harry.

About The End Times and 6/6/06.. It is possible- that the Antichrist could be revealed on June 6, 2006 = 666. But this is only a possiblity? We could go on to say 2011 Ad or 2012 AD. (possibly YHWH can restrain evil this far? Beyond 2012 it is highly doubtful as radical islam +nuclear weapons = spells DOOMSDAY.

Something is going to happen, something very bad and very soon. IF IT IS NOT ANTICHRIST on 6/6/06... THEN GREAT WAR IS COMING.

Yes, IRAN has threatened us (USA) with "harm and pain". Russia will notvote in the UN for economic sanctions against Iran and Pres. Bush can't just sit back and wait for Iran to build a nuclear missile and launch itat ISRAEL. But what can he do? Iraq is plunging into civil war and Europe will not launch a strike against Iran.

Last year, I found a bible code that says IRAN will launch a terror attack against The USA, they will use EBOLA as a WMD against the City of Philadelphia.This code also says Iran will be blamed and Bush will go to war-unleashing great destruction upon Iran. This Bible Code does not give a year, but three months, MAY- JUNE- JULY.

here is my page

If this attack happens this year.... President Bush will launch a massive strike against Iran with our Air Force and naval cruise missiles. We will have to take out over 150 targets including nuclear factilities (above and below ground) their air force, missile sites and their Navy (Syria as well).

It is also possible that Pres Bush could launch a nuclear missile at TEHRAN (capital of Iran) if they hit with a WMD (Ebola). * March 2002, Pres. Bush changed our nuclear protecal. " If The USA is threatened by WMD of hit by WMD, we can use nuclear weapons, even as a pre-emptive strike."

I lived just outside of Philadelphia all of my life and in Oct 05, a series of strange events led us to move 1200 miles away. Maybe GOD is protecting us from what is to come? so we can continue with our Ministry and help others with our site and Doomsday Talk Radio.

p.s. to Sherry. . . if you use this information please quote me as the source and decoder. Remember the Commandment:, "Thou Shall Not Steal". . . shalom. . .

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