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Is Christianity a Religion to follow or is it a Debate Society? by Pastor Harry. . .

Are we free to debate any subject in The Bible and believe whatever we want?I t is very popular in Christianity today to say, " I agree todisagree"... but this statement and belief is not Biblical and opens thedoor for Blatant Hypocrisy.

Many claim on subjects of Sexuality and Witchcraft the Bible is fixed,set in stone, no room for debate. But on Salvation, the Bible is openfor endless debate and arguments. This is ridiculous. Why would theBible be clear and undebatable on Sex while open-ended and unclear onsuch important subjects as Salvation, the Rapture and who JESUS is?If we cannot agree to disagree on Sex & Witchcraft, then we cannot"agree to disagree" on Salvation either. You cannot have a doublestandard because this is Hypocrisy and turns Christianity into a joke and a debate club.

The Bible is very clear about Salvation. If we follow JESUS and do whatHe says= we will have heaven. If we rebel against God and fight The HolySpirit day after day after day unto death= we are lost. simple & clear.

"Once Saved Always Saved" is a false doctrine, created by satan to sowconfusion and division among the brethren. This falsehood causesChristians to become lazy, complacent, tolerant of sin and cowardly, to run from their fears rather than overcome them (i.e. with God's help).

The Bible is clear that "Once Saved Always Saved is false. Yet manyChristians love this doctrine because they are lazy and sinful and thisDoctrine gives them a "license to sin", a false sense of security, a"sin your way to heaven" Gospel. Others believe the Lie of OSAS becausethey are in such FEAR of losing their Salvation, they are afraid to evensee what The Bible really says. (we can "debate" which one is more pathetic?).

Many things are open to debate such as The Book of Enoch, when TheTribulation will start?, will Antichrist come in a spaceship? will weknow our friends and family member in heaven? is the Bible Code really amesage from God? Will our pets be taken in The Rapture?....... etc etcetc... But when it comes to important subjects like SALVATION - God is not so foolish to make this unclear , an open ended debate.

The Bible is clear on Salvation and those who argue and debate this= are really debating with God not myself or you or a yahoo group. Once again... if we can "agree to disagree" on Salvation and Prophecy,we can "agree to disagree" on Sex, Witchcraft and Astrology andChristianity becomes a "believe-whatever-you-want & go-to heaven religion"...

Someone once asked, "What is the easiest way to spot a group ofChristians?They have Bibles? they are all clean cut, all males have short hair andall women wear long dresses? The answer is, ITS EASY TO SPOT A GROUP OF CHRISTIANS. JUST LOOK FOR AN ARGUMENT &DEBATE AND THERE THEY WILL BE.

How sad and how true!

God Bless,Pastor Harry/Ch of Phl-INT

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