Friday, January 06, 2006



Alot of people today are taught that Nero was The Biblical Antichrist and that revelation has already happened. Is this true? Well let's compare what Antichrist will do vs what Nero did.

1) Nero did not force The Roman Empire to worship Satan (Lucifer)
as the god of this world ( as Antichrist will = Rev:13)

2) Nero did not force all of Rome to receive the mark (of Satan) upon their right hand & foreheads or they cannot buy or sell (as Antichrist will =Rev:13).

3) An Asteroid did not smash The Ocean during the rule of Nero
as it will during the rule of Antichrist. (Rev:8:8).

4) Nero did not trigger a war against 200,000,000 soldiers as Antichrist will do (Rev:9:16). There was not even 200 million people in the world when Nero was in power.

5) Nero did not invade The Temple in Jerusalem, declare himself as god and force Israel to worship him as Antichrist will do (Rev:13/dan:9:25).

6) Nero did not receive a Mortal Wound to his head and be miraculously raised from the dead as Antichrist will do (Rev:13).

7) Nero did not make a seven year peace treaty with Israel and break this treaty after 3.5 years. (Dan:9:25/Rev:13).

8). Nero did not lead a global persecution against Christianity for 1260 days (as Antichrist will =Rev:13:7). Nero's war against Christianity was limited to Rome itself.

9). Nero did not slander & blasphemy the God of Israel (YHWH) for
1260 days as Antichrist will (Rev:13).

10. Nero did not gather the armies of the world (outside of Jerusalem)to wage war against JESUS AT HIS RETURN as Antichrist will do at The Battle of Armageddon. (Rev:19).

Common sense tells us that Nero was not The Antichrist, not The Beast to come.. For Antichrist will be far worse than nero & hitler combined.

God Bless,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT



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