Monday, January 09, 2006



To many Fundamentalist and Baptist "Christians", ending Federally Funded Abortion is their major crusade in life. Even if through The Supreme Court, Abortion can be overturned and not Funded By Federal Government, do you really believe you won a great victory? or have stopped abortion?

If The Supreme Court stikes down Rowe vs Wade, The Issue of Abortion will be decided by The States. Many states will make Abortion legal and fewer states will not. Every women who chooses to destroy the Life in her womb will travel to a state that will gladly kill her unborn child. So where is your Christian Victory?

Further, as Abortion will have to be funded by States, they will cut back on welfare benefits to the poor and living Children will have LESS food to eat.

AMERICA IS A MAJORITY... When a majority chooses evil, as America has, this nation becomes evil and corrupt and its laws wicked. Then if this nation does not repent, judgment comes and The Judgment of America draws near.

I hope you enjoyed Christmas 2005 for this may well be our Merry Last Christmas.

God Bless,

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


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