Friday, September 16, 2005



In terms of Bible Prophecy and The End Times, our true Hope and light in the growing darkness is The Truth about Revelation and The Rapture.

The Baptist, AOG, many Pentecostal & Independent Fundamentalist Churches give believers A FALSE HOPE as to Bible Prophecy.

They tell us that is we are simply "born again", we will be "raptured" or caught-up into heaven before the Great Tribulation starts. Added to The Lie of ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED, this gives Christians a virtual, License To Sin , believing they can sin all they want and at any moment, JESUS will rapture them into Heaven as a reward for their evil, wickedness and hypocrisy.

Just because a person repented and accepted Jesus at a Billy Graham Crusade back in 1995, (=born again or born new) that is no guarantee they are walking with God today or even call themselves Christian. Many fall away to follow the easy lies of the Church Pulpits and play a revolving game of "sin-repent-sin again" with their favorite sins. (read Matt:7:21)

"Only those who do The Will of God
will be accepted into Heaven."

Others, locked in a One Rapture Only mindset, tell us The Rapture doesn't happen until the middle or end of The Great
Tribulation, giving Christians NO HOPE of escaping this coming Global Cataclysm.

Somewhere between FALSE HOPE and NO HOPE rests The Truth of The Rapture and this truth is:


The Truth of Revelation is not that ALL believers (Christians) will escape the tribulation, nor is it
NONE can escape the tribulation but SOME WILL
ESCAPE. Those believers who truly follow JESUS,
who "Keep His Word" will be caught away, taken in the First of Two Raptures, before The Tribulation starts.

This Faithful Remnant is called The Church
of Philadelphia in Revelation (Rev:3:10) and
The "accounted worthy" believers in The
Gospel (Lu:21:36).

The Great Tribulation is a time of Judgment and the harshest of Correction for Lukewarm believers and then the world. Scripture warns us that,

"Judgment begins with The
Household of God, The
Churches . (1 Pet:4:17).

This Judgment is the First of TWO RAPTURES where as those who truly follow JESUS (His Sheep) will be taken and those who rebel against His Word and practice sin (Goats)
will be left behind. Everyday we are either "taking up our cross and following JESUS or we are "trampling The Cross" by following a path of sin and compromise in His Name.

A word to the wise, read and live The Lord's Prayer for The End is Near and The Time is at hand.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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