Thursday, September 22, 2005



How long, oh Blind Churches of The Bible Belt, will you preach lies in JESUS' NAME and then claim The Judgment of God is merely a "Test of Faith?"

Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans and destroyed The "Christian" Casinos of Biloxi, Miss. Now Rita threatens to destroy major parts of Texas and possibly Houston, the Jewel of Texas Pride and Church Perversion.

How long will The Church Cults of America preach lies and teach evil and claim Katrina and Rita are just a "test of faith"?

How long will Baptist and Pentecostal Preachers preach DOCTRINES OF DEMONS and claim they are "righteous as Job, "pure in God's eyes"?

Sad to say, the vast majority of Christians and their Bible Cults will only awaken (those who do) after they are LEFT BEHIND in The First of TWO RAPTURES, staring up at the sky with their "Left-behind" books in their hands. Only when they see The Antichrist on every TV channel on planet earth will theyrealize this is not a "test of faith" but their Judgement for an unworthy walk with God.

LUKE:21:34-36 = KJV

"Watch and be ready"...

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

"Once Saved Always Saved" is a Lie from Hell, a doctrine of demons and those who love and follow this lie will NOT be taken in The First of Two Raptures. The Great Tribulation serves as Judgment and The Final Chance for Christians who loveth a lie, to renounce evil and follow JESUS for real, during the rule of Antichrist upon earth. (Rev:21:8).

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