Thursday, September 22, 2005



Hurricane Rita is now a monstrous, Category 5 Storm and moving straight for Galveston, Texas. Will Rita total the city of Houston?

It seems apparent that Hurricane Katrina and now Rita is God's Judgment against America and her Satanic Churches. For the Lies they preach on Sunday and for not standing against the wickeness forced upon Israel under the Bush "Roadmap To Peace."

AUG 15 2005, 9000 Israeli Settlers were forced to leave their homes and farms and their land given to their enemies, the laughing and looting Palestinians and their terrorist leadership (Hamas). Within 3 weeks, Katrina devasted New Orleans and the "Christian" Casinos of Biloxi, Miss.

Now Rita threatens to devastate parts of Texas and possibly Houston, the City of Skyscrapers and Distorted Pulpits.

In Gen:12, God said, "I will bless those who bless
Israel and curse those who curse Israel."

The Bush "roadmap to peace" is a CURSE to Israel and now The Lord is bringing another CURSE to America, her Churches of lies and The Christians who loveth these lies.

Oh blind Churches, blinded by your deceit, how long
will you claim God's Judgments against you are a
"test of faith"...???

Pastor Harry/ CH of PHL-INT

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