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Once again, twisted "Christian" leaders and their flocks are blaming The Gay Community for Hurricane Katrina. There was a major gay parade & festival scheduled for New Orleans later this months and Christian "leaders" claim this is why God brought Katrina upon New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The Homosexual Community ( a 10 percent or less minority in America) seems to be the SCAPEGOAT
for the Baptist Preacher and the AOG Minister.

A few days after 911, The Satanic Duo of Rev. Falwell and Pat Robertson came out of their closets and BLAMED The Gay Community for The 911 Attack. I guess in Robertson's mind, if we placed all Homosexuals in concentration camps and turned on the gas, "God would be delighted and would spare USA from terror attacks".. SICK - WARPED- SICK!!!

The Gay Community (and its sin) is not the reason why God allowed Katrina to wipe-out New Orleans & Biloxi, it was THE SINS OF THE CHURCHES. God allowed Katrina to bring her devastation because of the Falsehood The Churches teach such as "Once Saved, Always Saved (Baptist, AOG), The Lies of The Faith Prosperity Churches and the Tongue-Twisted Pentecostal Dogmas that support such thieves as Benny Hinn and The TBN Circus!

The Bible is clear, if you read it with your eyes open.

THE CHURCHES." (1 Pet:4:17).

If you believe that I am mistaken, consider this. Why didn't God destroy the Casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, NJ?

Because these are of the world. Biloxi, MS claims to be a Christian "state" yet the good "Christians" of that region voted for and built
floating "Christian" casinos. The sins of gambling away rent and food money (for families), drunkeness and prostitution became an Institution in states such as Louisiana, Mississipi and Alabama that claim to be Bible Belt Believers, quote, "on fire for the Lord".

Well God put out the satanic fires of these Churches with The Deluge of Katrina. Every "Christian" casino was destroyed as the Beginning of God's Judgment, "upon The Churches".

The Full Judgment Against The Churches will happen when the FIRST OF TWO RAPTURE OCCURS. Those who truly follow JESUS and 'Keep His Word" (Rev:3:10) will be Raptured, taken to heaven, BEFORE The Tribulation starts... Then the Lie Loving (lukewarm) "Christians" and their Bible Cults (Baptist, AOG, Catholic, etc) will be CAST Into The Great Tribulation= as their last chance To Repent and follow JESUS during the hell of the Tribulation when Antichrist rules the world.

Blaming gays, "test of faith", these are just smokescreens for the millions of Christians who refuse to face their own sins: LOVING AND FOLLOWING THE LIES OF THE DENOMINATIONS. The Churches today are a tragic repeat of the Apostasy of Ancient Israel. They too deluded themselves that "No judgment will befall them." Here is what GOD spoke to Apostate Israel (circa 595 BC) thru The Prophet,

30. "A terrible and horrible thing is
committed in the land,"

31 " The prophets prophesize falsely
and the priests rule by their own
ideas and my people love it so;
but what will be the end thereof ?"

The End is God's faithful remnant (Rev:3:10) taken in the first Rapture and the rest of Christianity and their Churches of lies, LEFT BEHIND, cast-into The Great tribulation to either be a soldier for Lucifer or a martyer for JESUS.... choose wisely!

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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