Sunday, August 28, 2005



The Liberal "Puppet" Show wants us to believe that President Bush invaded Iraq for Oil. The latest accusation of Cindy Sheehan is that "Bush went to war to kill American Soldiers" . . . as human sacrifices?

The real reason that President Bush invaded Iraq is three-fold:

1). To Stop Saddam from developing or acquiring nuclear weapons before the year 2012, when Earth may be threatened by a massive comet or astreroid (WHAT NASA CANNOT TELL US).

2) To Liberate The Iraqi People from a brutal Dictatorship that included Support of terrorism, Mass Murder, Torture and Gang Rape.

3) To (hopefully) stabilize the heart of the mideast with a Democratic Form of Government.

The worst mistake that The USA could make is to withdraw our Military from Iraq. This will result in a violent civil war led by Al Qaeda terrorists and possibly bring OSAMA BIN LADEN to power in Iraq as the new leader.

Listen to my new Interview on DoomsDay Talk radio on how Bin Laden may emerge as the new leader of Iraq and trigger an Economic Collapse in the USA, using Oil as the new weapon of terrorism.

Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia-Internet

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