Saturday, June 25, 2005



23 JUNE 2005... mark ths date on your Calendar for this is the day that The Supreme Court shredded The Constitution of THE USA as we have known it and neither The Republicans or Democrats have said one word?

The Supreme Court revises the Law of "Imminent Domain". This law was designed to force a person to sell their home if and only if it blocked a public project such as a highway or a school = the public welfare vs the welfare of one family.

The Supreme Court now ruled, "The Government now has the right to SEIZE our homes, businesses and Churches for PRIVATE, CORPORATE PROJECTS!

This means a wealthy group can destroy your livelihood and have you driven from your home to build a Hotel or casino or golf course or mall and all for THEIR OWN GREEDY ENDS.

America is no longer the "Land of The Free"... While USA Soldiers are over in Iraq fighting and dying to Free the Iraqi People from Terror and Oppresion.... who will free the American People from the TYRANNY and Oppresion of The Supreme Court?

Enjoy your freedom of religion and speech.. it won't last much longer!

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


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