Saturday, June 18, 2005



As I look around at all of The Bible Prophecy sites it becomes clear that Satan is doing ALL that he can to DISTORT The Truth of The Rapture and what Revelation is really saying to us.

The Internet has brought a new "madness" confusion of the "Pre - Mid and Post Tribulation rapture views. This new paranoia is that "THE FIRST RAPTURE IS A FAKE, IT WILL BE ALIEN ABDUCTION."

Now Satan is using false prophets & prophetess to Terrify people, to say THE FIRST RAPTURE is ALIEN ABDUCTION and The Aliens are going to eat humans who are "taken".

The Truth of Revelation is that there are TWO RAPTURES TO COME and not one... and that JESUS IS COMING FOR HIS FAITHFUL REMNANT = IN THE FIRST RAPTURE EVENTS.

The devil knows The First Rapture is NEAR and he is doing all he can to distort The Truth and promote the LIE that his Antichrist will bring.."THOSE WHO WERE "TAKEN" were not raptured by GOD but "Abducted by Aliens.

"Watch and Be ready"....

Pastor Harry/ CH of PHL-INT


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