Tuesday, June 21, 2005



Tonight at 11 PM EST to 1 AM EST I will debate the man who calls himself, "Prophet Yahweh", The "prophet of Yahweh". This will take place @


This debate is not about his Religion vs Christianity but rather about his claims that 1) He (PY) is the prophet of GOD, 2) that JESUS is not The true Messiah, 3) that JESUS was a Homosexual and 4) that The Gospels are fradulent and make believe.

I doubt after listening to this Interview if anyone will take his "prophetic" claims seriously.

Tonite we will have a shortened live show on DOOMSDAY TALK RADIO from
10 PM EST to 10:45 PM EST...


Then we will move to the www.xzone-radio.com
for my debate with "Prophet Yahweh"...

I hope you listen to this debate as I speak The Truth of God's Words, in His Love as we must do if we want to reach people. God Bless you.

Pastor Harry Walther,



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