Wednesday, June 08, 2005



The "prophet yahweh", who summommed a UFO (a tiny, dancing light in the daylight sky) 10 days ago near Las Vegas, Nevada is making more alien predictions.

According to Newshounds, The Prophet Yahweh was a guest last week on Alan Colmes' Fox radio show, and writes:

"If I understood Yahweh correctly, the arrival of the aliens is Phase One and they won't get off the ship until Phase Two whose date wasn't specified. At that time, Yahweh claimed, they will get off the ship and go to the podium and tell the public what they want done on this planet - to set up an eternal kingdom on this planet. This is the start of their domination."�

According to The Bible, this "prophet yahweh" is a FALSE PROPHET who is helping Satan to set the stage for The COMING DELUSION (2 Thes:2:10).

THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES IS NEAR !!! Once JESUS "takes"= raptures= removes His faithful Followers, His Faihful Remnant, The Church of Philadelphia (REV:3:10)... Antichrist will be revealed...and The BEAST (666) may well "arrive" in a Spaceship with his "Space brothers"... ET and company!


Read more about TWO RAPTURES and the coming of The "Space brothers" on our site:

Pastor Harry/ CH of PHL-INT

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