Thursday, June 09, 2005



As part of The Bush "Road Map To Peace"/// israel is being forced out of the Gaza and soon The West bank while The PLO just makes false promises to "stop" terrorists. Yet terror groups as HAMAS march their the streets and the palestian People cheer them on...

The 9th of AB (AUG 2005) will bring disaster to Israel as the jewish settlers in The Gaza are forced to give up their homes and land to the Palestinians. It is possible this INJUSTICE could escalate into a major conflict and the Dome of the Rock is blown-up! If and when this happens = War will EXPLODE in Israel and envelope The Mideast= the very war that Antichrist will come to stop as part of His Plan for world peace (see: Dan:(9:25).

The Jewish Temple (In Jerusalem) can and only be rebuilt as part of The World Peace Plan that Antchrist brings. (dan:9:27). Until that day... The Moslem world demands Jerusalem (as their own) and will NOT allow Israel to build their temple there.

It is very possible that The FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES could happen this fall in TISHRI... as some Bible Codes suggest.

It all depends upon what happens in AUG 2005 and The ROAD MAP TO HELL.

"Watch and be ready"...JESUS IS COMING FOR HIS FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS!!! (Rev:3:10).

God Bless you;

Pastor Harry/ CH of PHL-INT

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