Thursday, February 10, 2005



There is a growing misconception that President Bush is or could be The Antichrist. This is almost laughable but its far from that because people actually believe this. Part of this false belief comes from Pres Bush trying to broker Peace in Israel.

Clinton tried and failed to brokera Peace between Israel and The PLo (Arafat) in 1999. Clinton was not the Beast and neither is Pres Bush. THIS IS NOT THE PEACE TREATY WE READ OF IN DAN:9:27. This peace treaty will me brokered by ANTICHRIST himself...and Antichrist will not be revealed until 1) terrorists blow up the Dome of The Rock Mosque in Jerusalem and 2) The First of Two Raptures happens--when JESUS COMES FOR HIS FAITHFUL REMNANT-- THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA..(Rev:3:10).

BUSH IS NOT THE ANTICHRIST, The Beast of Rev 13. The Antichrist comes as The New "Messiah"... Satan's "Christ..(but not as JESUS). Antichrist will be worshiped by the whole world, except those who come to JESUS as The True Christ during The Tribulation. (Rev 13).

49 percent of America rejected GW BUSH as President. Why would they turn around and accept him as "Christ"???

Bush is disliked and despised thruout Europe.. Why would the Europeans suddenly believe he is the New Savior, The "Anointed One of God?"

Why would Israel accept President Bush as the promised Messiah of Israel? He isn't even Jewish, of the lineage of King David.

Moslems world wide HATE President Bush. why would they accept him as IMAN MADHI.. as the Moslem Messiah, The Savior of Islam? lets get real.

Even if Pres. Bush was shot in the head on live television and raised from the dead two minutes later...the world
would NOT accept Bush as the new Messiah, as the "Second Coming".

Moslems, Democrats, Euro Liberals would all believe this was a trick, The clever use of Holigraphic images and technology. Even Protestants and Catholics who study the Bible would reject Pres Bush as the New Messiah.

President Bush is at best a Christian who is tryin to protect national Security while walking the political tightrope of Washington Politics. At worst, Pres Bush is a Pawn in a Game, of powerful Satanists, to bring forth Antichrist.. But President Bush is not The Biblical Antichrist... He is not The Savior that Satan will send unto the world.

The Devil has people looking for Antichrist in the three piece suit of a Politician, who seems to have all of the answers to the world's problems.

The REAL Antichrist comes wearing a white robe with a rainbow on it, proclaiming, I HAVE RETURNED. HERE IN THE WEST I AM CALLED CHRIST. TODAY THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME TO EARTH.

Pastor Harry/ CH of PHL-INT

"a word to the wise"...

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