Wednesday, February 09, 2005



I believe that Ash Wednesday is preparing millions x millions of Roman Catholics to one day accept The Mark of The Beast, as we read in Rev:13:16. The harmless Ashen Cross today will be replaced with The Pentegram, 666 or The name of Antichrist.

In the HARRY POTTER movies, HP also has a mark upon his forehead,The Lightening bolt, that is the source of his magical powers. The double lightening Bolt is an occult symbol for LUCIFER that Hitler and his "SS" also worse on their nazi uniforms.

This is so why it is so important that we read and follow what JESUS taught us in The Gospels rather than rely upon The Traditions and Rituals of men. What seems so harmless or saintly often has a much darker and more sinister agenda.
God Bless You In These End Times,

Pastor Harry/ Church of Piladelphia-

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